"How I Launched a Multiple 6-Figure Business Online!"
  • MINDSET: #1 Secret to transformational sales that will have your clients powerfully committing to their dreams.
  • SKILLSET: #2 Secret to attracting high ticket clients and learning how to make 5-figures, 6-figures, or 7-figures doing what you love. 
  • COMMUNITY: #3 Secret to sustainable success so you can get off the roller-coaster ride of the ups-and-downs of sales.

Hi, I'm Dr. Erin!

  • Doctor of Divinity
  • CEO of Soulciété 
  • TV Host of Good Morning LaLa Land
  • #1 Best-Selling Author
  • Global Peace Award 2016
  • Self-Made Millionaire
  • Top Rated itunes Podcast 


  • Learn why you aren't making sales and how your mindset is the key to transforming people's lives. I'm going to share my exact step-by-step process I use to coach celebrities and top CEO's. 
  • Learn why high-paying clients aren't signing up with you and how you can position yourself as an expert and leader. I'm going to share the 8-pillars of business I used to become a self-made millionaire and launch a multiple 6-figure business online.
  • Learn why you're experiencing the ups and downs of business and how to create a community and team that will sustain your success. I'm going to share the secret I used to create this extraordinary community.


The only thing standing between you and your dreams is... PROCRASTINATION!









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Awakening Course

  • Awakening Book PDF
  • Digital Awakening Course
  • Manifestation Masterclass
  • 40-Guided Meditations

"I, literally, feel like a different person."

“I, literally, feel like a different person since I started working with Dr. Erin. I had been looking for someone like Dr. Erin for a really long time. I had done tons of spiritual work, working with other spiritual coaches before working with her, but it wasn’t until working with her that I found my true purpose and calling.”

- Kelly Pretty, Spiritual Coach

"In one month I have generated $32k in sales"

"I realize I was missing ONE thing in my business and it was incorporating subconscious spirituality. When I first met Erin, she just knew and told me, 'You came into this world to heal family lineage for women of color, but in order to do that you need to tap into your gifts.' I cried because I knew she was right. I was feeling stuck and I knew it wasn't learning a new model or structure. It was tapping into my subconscious. I was scaling fast, but there was something holding me back and it was learning more about my subconscious. As a result, in only one month I have generated $32k in sales.

More than the income, I am making a real impact. I am incorporating spirituality as the foundation in my business and it has tremendously helped my own clients get amazing results. Erin was my missing link to scale."

"I made $33k the first week of my launch."

“Erin Fall Haskell is nothing short of a miracle worker. We connected the very first time we met and knew we would work together. My experience with Erin unlocked many answers for me in my life purpose, my relationship with myself and my business. She’s an absolute superstar. If you get the opportunity to work with this woman - seriously, realize that the reason you are in front of each other is that it’s Divine timing and meant for you, and also, run with it. You will cherish the time you spend together. Erin is now firmly in my tribe and I in hers. It's aligned, it’s a no brainer! Just do it."

- Andrea Callanan, Founder of Inspire Me & 6 Figure Coach

"Reprogramming my mind was the ultimate game-changer."

“Dr. Erin has transformed my life beyond my wildest dreams! I have worked with other coaches, but it wasn't until I worked with Dr. Erin that I was given the tools to reprogram my subconscious mind which was the ultimate game-changer. I now experience a level of success that I never knew was possible in both my professional and personal life. She takes the work of Louise Hay to the next level. Working with her and the Soulciété spiritual community will give you the tools to create a life that is full of your heart's desires on every level!”

- Jess Hendrick, Occupational Therapist and Souciété Ambassador

"Signed up three high ticket soul-centered marketing clients"

“My wins this week! Declared myself as a spiritual coach. Held three half-day retreats. Signed up three high ticket soul-centered marketing clients. Produced a meditation digital course."

- Cindy O'Brien, Soulciété Ambassador.



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