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Enlightenment. Empowerment. Entrepreneurship.

Get Trained and Certified as a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Pracititoner, New Thought Teacher, or Doctor of Divinity.



Enlightenment. Empowerment. Entrepreneurship.


Our Vision is to be the #1 Spiritual Leadership Community.

We train and certify soul entrepreneurs, spiritual coaches spiritual practitioners, New Thought teachers, and doctors of divinity. 

We come together to know the truth, live on spiritual principle, align with Universal Law, and create impactful soul-based businesses.

Soulciété believes that when someone awakens they have a gift and a message to bring to the world.

Our mission is to awaken a billion people globally. 

We are awakening the world together!

Soulciété is for you if...

  • You question the meaning of life, seeking TRUTH and WISDOM.
  • You feel lonely at times, struggling to find your TRIBE.
  • You often doubt yourself, longing to find SELF CONFIDENCE and SELF LOVE within.
  • You desire SUPPORT, knowing the UNIVERSE is ready to assist you in MANIFESTING your dreams.
  • You experience feeling OVERWHELM & CONFUSION, longing for SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES to live by.
  • You're ready to discover your PURPOSE & CALLING and bring your GIFT & MESSAGE to the world.
  • You cope with STRESS, knowing you were born for SUCCESS.
    You are tired of not living the life you were designed to live and are ready to claim your birthright of PROSPERITY, VITALITY, & LOVE.
  • You've taken many courses, but still feel there must be SO MUCH MORE!


Start making your dreams a reality!!! All levels build upon the next...




LIVE Mastermind To Breakthrough Your Limiting Beliefs, Claim Your Prosperity Mindset, Transform Your Trauma, and Birth Your Life Purpose. 





LIVE Step-By-Step Program To Launch & Scale Your Soul-Based Business Online. Learn the most trusted sales & marketing system in the industry.  Includes Level 1.





220 Hour LIVE Spiritual Coach & Business Coach Certification Program. Includes Level 1 and Level 2. Launch Your Coaching Career Today! 




1 Year (360 Hour) Certification & Licence in New Thought Ancient Wisdom. Become a Practitioner of Universal Law, and Metaphysics. Assist Your Clients To Breakthrough Their Limiting Beliefs. Includes Levels 1-3 Programs.




2 Year Certification & License as a New Thought Teacher and Publicly Speaking. Teaching Universal Law, Science of Mind, Unity, Metaphysics, and New Thought Ancient Wisdom. Includes levels 1-4 Programs.




3 Year Doctorate Program in Researching and Publishing e4 Trauma Method™️, Past-Life Regressions, and Developing Spiritual Processes. Includes levels 1-5 Programs.


Hi, I'm Dr. Erin!

I'm super excited to be connected here. This community is a dream I've had for years.

It's been an incredible journey to becoming a Doctor of Divinity, CEO of Soulciété, TV Host of Good Morning LaLa Land, International Best-Selling Author, Walden Wisdom Award 2020 next to Oprah Winfrey, Gregg Braden, and Michael Bernard Beckwith, Self-Made Millionaire, Top Rated itunes Podcaster, and Mother.

My life wasn't always this powerful...

At the age of 22, I was spiritually broke after having a stillborn son, which sent me on an intense journey of seeking truth, birthing my purpose, and discovering a life beyond my wildest dreams.

Today, I am financially, emotionally, and spiritually free! 

It is my greatest passion is to develop spiritual entrepreneurs, spiritual coaches, spiritual practitioners, New Thought Ministers, and Doctors of Divinity, assisting soul-based business owners in their personal and professional lives.

May you live your truth!

 Doctor of Divinity | Founder of New Thought Global & Soulciété | TV Host Good Morning LaLa Land | New Thought Minister | International Best-Selling Author | Top Rated Podcast | Walden Wisdom Award 2020 | Mother


Welcome to the Dr. Erin Podcast...

We come together to know the truth, live on spiritual principles, and align with Universal Law. Learn the mindset and skillset to become a successful spiritual entrepreneur. As a Doctor of Divinity, I teach New Thought Ancient Wisdom, Metaphysics, Science of Mind, Unity Principles, & my famous e4 Trauma Method™️.  Release your limiting beliefs and become the CEO of your personal and professional life. Listen on itunes, Spotify, iheart Radio, Google Play, Fm Radio, CastBox, and all podcast networks. 



Are you ready to discover your purpose?

Are you ready to transform your trauma and birth your legacy? 

Are you ready to become the CEO of your personal and professional life? 

Are you ready to make an impact in the world?

Are you sick of being overwhelmed, trying to do it on your own?

Are you ready to stop getting by and start living your best life?

The only thing standing between you and your dreams is….

I'm so excited to take this divine journey with you!

What Soulciété members are saying...

"I had a $42K Month!!!"

“Soulciété helped me work on my belief, deeper connection to my message, mission, and it helped me to heal old trauma to unleash my own potential and become the embodiment of the result my program creates!

Fully empowered in my skill set and mindset to take my story out to the world and have it be my greatest power to living out my Soul Goal!"

Clare - Soul Goal Coach


"I've 10X my Spiritual Coaching Business."

“Dr. Erin's e4 Trauma Method™️ is incredible! Doing my inner work allowed me to gain clarity, confidence, and become crystal clear about my purpose. I've 10X my spiritual coaching business since I joined Soulciété."

- Amie, Spiritual Coach - Mental Health & Freedom 


"$10k in 2 Weeks!"

“I hit 10k plus and it's only mid-month. I have calls set up all next week and my goal is 20k. The E4 Trauma Method™ has taken my coaching to another level. Thank you thank you thank you  Dr. Erin. You and your leadership program and coaching certification is what I've been searching for for a very long time!"

Karli, Relationship + Inner Work Coach 

"In one month I have generated $32k in sales"

"I realize I was missing ONE thing in my business and it was incorporating subconscious spirituality. When I first met Erin, she just knew and told me, 'You came into this world to heal family lineage for women of color, but in order to do that you need to tap into your gifts.' I cried because I knew she was right. I was feeling stuck and I knew it wasn't learning a new model or structure. It was tapping into my subconscious. I was scaling fast, but there was something holding me back and it was learning more about my subconscious. As a result, in only one month I have generated $32k in sales.

More than the income, I am making a real impact. I am incorporating spirituality as the foundation in my business and it has tremendously helped my own clients get amazing results. Erin was my missing link to scale."

Elaine, Women of Color Coach

"I made $33k the first week of my launch."

“Erin Fall Haskell is nothing short of a miracle worker. We connected the very first time we met and knew we would work together. My experience with Erin unlocked many answers for me in my life purpose, my relationship with myself and my business. She’s an absolute superstar. If you get the opportunity to work with this woman - seriously, realize that the reason you are in front of each other is that it’s Divine timing and meant for you, and also, run with it. You will cherish the time you spend together. Erin is now firmly in my tribe and I in hers. It's aligned, it’s a no brainer! Just do it."

- Andrea, Founder of Inspire Me & 7 Figure Coach

"Reprogramming my mind was the ultimate game-changer."

“Dr. Erin has transformed my life beyond my wildest dreams! I have worked with other coaches, but it wasn't until I worked with Dr. Erin that I was given the tools to reprogram my subconscious mind which was the ultimate game-changer. I now experience a level of success that I never knew was possible in both my professional and personal life. She takes the work of Louise Hay to the next level. Working with her and the Soulciété spiritual community will give you the tools to create a life that is full of your heart's desires on every level!”

- Jess, Conscious Relationship Coach

"Two days into Soulciété I booked out all my availability for the next three months."

“Two days into Soulciété, a major thing clicked in my mindset. Twenty-four hours later, I had booked out all my availability for the next three months. Thank you!"

- Dr. Aubry Alvarez


"I went from almost making nothing to a steady stream of $5k months and it keeps growing from there!” "


- Bernadette, Soul-Based Brand Photographer


"Signed up three high ticket soul-centered marketing clients"

“My wins this week! Declared myself as a spiritual coach. Held three half-day retreats. Signed up three high ticket soul-centered marketing clients. Produced a meditation digital course."

- Cindy, Soul & Brand Coach



Disclaimers: This course is for educational use only. Starting your own coaching business comes with risk. Please, consult your professional advisor before making any financial decisions or investments.

Earnings and income representations made by Erin Fall Haskell, and their advertisers/sponsors are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. The testimonials and other examples used are exceptional, non-typical results and are not intended to be and are not a guarantee that you or others will achieve the same results. Individual results will always vary and yours will depend entirely on your individual capacity, work ethic, business skills and experience, level of motivation, the economy, and other factors.

You are responsible for your own actions and results in your personal and professional life. Dr. Erin, Erin Fall Haskell International, Inc., Soulciété, and New Thought Global claim no responsibility to you or any person or entity for any liability, loss, damage or alleged issue, directly or indirectly, as a result of the use, application, or interpretation of the information in the course. By registering for this or any of our courses, you accept total and complete liability and responsibility for your decisions, actions, finances, health, and results in life. Please, seek medical advice prior to doing the e4 Trauma Method™.  Seek professional help for PTSD, addiction, or mental disorders.  No one within our community ever has to do the e4 Trauma Method™, use your own discretion.  Also, we do not discriminate against any race, color, or sexual orientation. Our core principle is Unity. 


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